Throat Punch Smoky Blueberry Cherry sauce


Spice level = Low to Medium (depends on how much Throat Punch you add)

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There is nothing better than a smoky spicy treat to get your day going. This super easy sauce using our SH’ That’s Hot! Carolina Reaper Throat Punch is perfect with peanut butter on a sandwich, on yogurt or even spread on a banana bread muffin (which I have a great recipe for as well).


1 bag of fresh cherries, pitted

1 large container (18oz) of fresh blueberries

2 peaches, pitted and peeled

1-2 tsp. of SH’ That’s Hot! Caroline Reaper Throat Punch

1/8 cup sugar (sugar can be left out)



Wash pitted cherries and blueberries. Peel and pit the peaches. Add all fruit to a saucepan and cover with water. Add Throat Punch and sugar, if desired to pan. Turn head to medium and bring to a boil. Turn down and let simmer until fruit is very soft. Turn off burner and let cool. Once cool, blend with a hand or standard blender.

Throat Punch Cherry Blueberry sauce

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