20min meal: Veggie Chicken Pasta with a kick

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This easy and quick dinner recipe is full of flavor and nutrients. Because SH' That's Hot! Habanero Hop Infusion is made with garlic and is full of flavor, just a little on your chicken creates intense flavor with just enough heat (1-2 out of 10 on the heat scale). Habanero Hop Infusion takes the place of onions, garlic, salt and spices. It produces an incredible depth of flavor, especially in only 20 minutes, plus this healthy recipe has the perfect amount of carbs, proteins and vegetables.   Don’t know much about hops? Well they make beer AND hot sauce better. At SH’ That’s Hot!, we use Citra hops which add a wonderful citrus flavor and aroma making the sauce perfect for eggs, tacos AND COOKING.

Heat Level: Low to Medium


2-4 Chicken breasts
SH' That's Hot! Habanero Hop Infusion hot sauce
1 head of broccoli
1 small container of Baby Bella mushrooms
1 stick of salted butter
Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (recommend a higher quality)



Marinade chicken in 1.5 tbsp Habanero Hop Infusion hot sauce and 1.5 tbsp Olive Oil for at least 10min (30min-1hr for best flavor). Put a pot of well salted water on to boil. Chop up broccoli and mushrooms, keeping the broccoli in small florets. Cook pasta in salted water until al dente. Heat cast iron skillet or non-stick metal pan with 1 tsp of Olive Oil. Once oil is heated where you can see it start to make small waves.  Place marinated chicken in a med-hot pan with 1 tsp of Olive Oil. Do not touch chicken until browns. Flip chicken then cover with a lid. Cook until brown on both sides and cooked through. Remove chicken from pan and turn heat to medium. Add 1 tbsp Olive Oil to pan and let heat up. Once heated, add vegetables and cook for 2-3min. Add 1 stick of butter and cook until vegetables are cooked ensuring broccoli is still firm and keeps bright green color (3-4min) and butter has browned and soaked up the juices from the chicken. Plate with pasta first then add veggies. Slice the chicken breasts and place on the pasta. Pour some of the delicious pan juices (flavored brown butter) over the chicken and serve.

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